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RFG Deckbox MAX 133 DS: Warlock Black

RFG Deckbox MAX 133 DS: Warlock Black

Heavy Play LLC

SKU: HPL RFG-MX3-001001
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RFG DECKBOX MAX 133 DS. The ultimate flip deck box. Clear front window to showcase your favorite card and quickly find the deck you`re looking for. Unique bottom closure magnets provide superior closure strength. Holds 133 Double-Sleeved or 160 Single-Sleeved Cards. Scratch-Resistant Front Window. Secure Bottom Magnet Closure. Welded Vegan Leather Cover. Molded Polycarbonate Chassis. Premium Microfiber Lining. Open Cover Docking Magnets. EquipMAG Modular System. Attach to ETB Playmat or RNG Dicebox.
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