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  • THE GAME OF STRATEGIC CONQUEST: Betrayals! Alliances! Surprise attacks! In the Risk game, players build an army and lead their troops to glory. Who will take over the world to win?
  • 300 FIGURES: Includes 5 plastic armies and 5 war crates for easy storage. Players assemble their army and try to conquer the enemies' territories by moving their troops and engaging in battle
  • 4 FUN WAYS TO PLAY: Choose from 4 strategy gameplay variations—Classic Risk, Secret Mission Risk, Risk for 2 Players, and Capital Risk
  • MISSION CARDS SPEED UP GAME: In Secret Mission Risk, it's a race to complete a secret mission! Each player receives one of 12 Secret Mission cards, and only that player will know their objective
  • RICHLY DETAILED GAMEBOARD: The detailed gameboard art draws players into the Risk gaming world. It features a map, divided into territories and grouped into 6 continents
  • STRATEGY GAMES MAKE GREAT GIFTS: Strategy board games make exciting games for family game night. This edition of Risk makes a great gift for families and kids ages 10+
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